The secret to great art....

Inspired The secret to great art


Everyone asks me, what my secret? How do I draw or paint and make beautiful things? First, I don't think I do I don't see my work like that. Art to me is a tool, or maybe better explained as a technique to try and accomplish something incredibly hard (in my case at least). I'm trying to express one of the 80 things running through my mind at any given time, knowing that if I can just maybe, I'll have 79 things. I do not draw or paint to express myself or to show others, it’s for me.

I have drawn and painted thousands of pieces that no one has ever seen, that fill sketchbooks, closets, hard drives, or take up space in my cloud servers. There have been times in my life I've spent 8 to 12 hours a day drawing or painting and the finished pieces have probably long been given away or thrown away. The time I spent creating them, those moments of focus, creation and peace is why I did it, and definitely not for a finished piece. Very few pieces I’ve ever done do I consider finished or even good. But at some point, I must be ready for the next piece. The pieces I sell aren’t masterpieces or great works of art they are a small glimpse into my mind and soul during the time I created them. They are my meditation and form of prayer. So, what does that have to do with the secret to great art?

Ok so here's the secret.... Who cares! If you’re looking for a trick or an easy way, then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. It's not about the art or the book, or the piece of furniture it's not about making money or impressing someone. It’s about the time you are blessed with creating it. If you are making something and you don't really want to then you are not putting your all into it and it will never be as great as the ones you do. I love to create! To draw and paint, to invent and build, to imagine and write and so when I do it’s all I want to be doing and I crave to go back to it. That is my secret. If you love it, you’ll put in the time and the effort and it will still not seem a burden or a job and it will become a part of you. And you will put that part of into your art and your creation. Finally, then and only then will you create something amazing!